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Welcome to SilkroadStory

These are the rules for the Silkroad Online Server please read them prior to playing on the server.
If you have any questions about these rules staff can be reached via email at silkroadstory [at] hotmail [dot] com or at silkroad.story [at] yahoo [dot] com
This game also has a Facebook page located at

[1] In the game it is forbidden to sell items or characters or gold or any other items in this game for real money. We will not support anybody if you have any problems because you bought or sold something for real money.
[2]Do not trade your items with other users, people will scam you and never give you the items back again People will try you and ask you to give you them your items to have alchemy done on them to get the + up on it. But they will trick you and you may not get the items back and steal your items. So don't give your items to anyone! anyone caught trying to defraud, scam or exploit another player on this server will be banned.

[3] Do not click on unknown URLs / Links which may be sent over globals or via private messages. sites that end in * or other URLs are quite often phishing websites who are trying to gain access to your account to steal your gold and items. don't become a victim of fraud never enter your account information on these websites. If you have any questions about if a website is legit or not always contact a staff member and they will be more that happy to help you. Only enter your login and password for this game on [url][/url] do NOT enter it on any other site! Also a GM or staff member will NOT ask you for your password in game either. Never give your password to anyone!

[4] Do not share your login and password with anyone else, you should be the only one that knows this information and it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your account. Do not tell your family member or friend or anyone else your login and password for this game. And change your password often as well via the h[url]ttp://[/url] website, and use passwords which contains capital letters, numbers, small case letters that is at least 6- 8 characters in length or more.

[5] You can use bot on this server, but NEVER use bot on uniques. If you are caught using a bot while at a unique you will be banned. If you are caught botting at a unique the penalty will be 1st time - Warning, 2nd time 1 day ban, 3rd time 3 day ban and 4th time permanent ban with no chance of being unbanned. If the player continues to ignore the GM and does not listen to the GM then the GM will immediately put a ban against the player.

[6] Don't insult anyone in globals about mom, sisters and etc, be respectful to all the players on this server. Do not use any racist or inappropriate language towards another player or attempt to insult another player. Do not create guild names which contains racists names or foul language or inappropriate names. Also do not insult our moderators or GMs or badmouth this server. If you do this you will be kicked and/or banned. It is at the soul discretion of the staff of Silkroad story to determine what is inappropriate / foul or insulting towards the other players and the staff will take the needed action to correct this problem.

[7] Don't advertise other servers or games, or services that sell gold or silk, all character will be kicked and banned.

[8] Moderators in game are simple players who help peoples with translation from there languages or can explain some rules of game. They don't solve problems about scams, or remove bans and fights between users, All of these matters are taken care of by GMs or administrators. Moderators can also do some events if they have time and wish it.

[9]Don't exploit bugs! Should you encounter any bug, report it immediately in the bug reporting area at [url][/url] or via email at the email addresses listed above.

[10]Don't use any hacks, exploits and then any other type of cheats. Botting is allowed on this server but not at uniques. There is however NO support of any kind for any bots on this server you are on your own when it comes to getting a bot to work with this server and setting it up.

[11]Don't create multiple accounts to vote from. You are only allowed to vote for free silk from one account if you are caught creating and voting from multiple accounts all accounts will be banned, you are able to vote once every 12 hours.

[12]Don't pretend to become a GM and do not make use of an account or character title much like a GM.

[13]Don't request that the GMs give you armor, weapons accessories, gold or any other item(s), this also includes levels or other unfair boosts.

[14]Don't waste a GM's time, or intentionally annoy a GM. Don't ask GM reset your mastery or skill points, fuse your items or delete characters.

[15] While in Fortress War (FW) there are to be no bards allowed on this server to ensure fair play among all the users.

[16] There will be no player killing (PK) of other players while at any unique monster on this server. The punishment for doing so will be as follows 1st time - Warning, 2nd time 1 day ban, 3rd time a 3 day ban, and 4th time permanent ban with no chance of being unbanned. If the player continues to ignore the GM and does not listen to the GM then the GM will immediately put a ban against the player.

[17] Don't use any kind of auto talk / auto spam script or bot on this server to spam ads.

[18] Do not charge back for any silk which you have already purchased. If you do this your account will be immediately banned and an IP ban will be placed against you as well.

[19] The staff of Silkroad Story reserves the right to be able to change, modify or update these rules at any time with out notification it is the responsibility of each player to ensure that they know these rules prior to playing on this server, and that each player check back frequently for updates of these rules.
Fortress Status:(Full)
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Hell_DevilS Tax: 20%
Hotan: NewFamlily_ Tax: 20%
Bandit: DISABLED Tax: Nothing%
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Server info :

Players online: 70/1000
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Experience rate: 300x
Party Experience rate: 350x
Gold drop coeficent: 50x
Item drop coeficent: 60x

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